9 steps to make a Slavic girl love you

Girls are complex. Girls are sophisticated. They have other needs and, as well, another apprehension of life than men have. However, one thing is common to both genders – we all want love. We all (well, almost) want to have a family and raise children. Likewise, modern men are commonly fond of Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish) girls and want to marry one of them to, later on, start a beautiful family. But what forgets a marriage? Yes, dating. It is a perfect period to assess each other’s suitability for further relationships. In this article, we will reveal golden rules that would help you make her like you. Note: these bits of advice have nothing to do with seduction – they are basically showing your best sides, nothing more.

  1. Take care of your appearance. Everyone knows that it takes more time for a woman to take care of herself. Nevertheless, it does not mean you can neglect your looks and anticipate that a girl will love you the way you are. Under the surface, your exterior signals about various characteristics of your personality: your self-esteem, self-respect, financial state, emotional state etc. As a result, a healthy and fit appearance can make you attractive.
  • Talk yourself up. It does not mean that you should become extra talkative and speak all the time only about yourself. Never be that! We meant that you should disclose your positive sides. You can tell her about your interests, hobbies, and life experience. Try to do it unobtrusively by matching it with the context of the current dialogue. Men speak less than women do. Yet, you need to let her know you better.
  • Take it easy. Your Slavic girl is a sensitive creature. She will see how strained you are, no matter how diligently you hide it. Relax. Women are not monsters; they will reasonably forgive your mistakes while dating. However, if she feels that you are nervous all the time – she might take it as a lack of confidence. A Slavic girl knows exactly what to expect from a strained person – no good at all.
  • Show that you are attracted. Slavic girls believe that a man is a hunter and a girl is a prey. Now that you understand it, you need to somehow demonstrate your affection to start hoping for a reciprocal reaction. Touch her shoulder, bring her flowers, and make a strong eye contact. These simple actions can help you explain to her your actual feelings. Later on, she will be ready to become your girlfriend.
  • Have a sense of humor. We are quite assured that you are humorous and can crack a nice joke. When a girl talks about humorous men, she means the ones that can make her smile, but not misanthropic and sarcastic men. Girls love to laugh, for sure. As well, you’re humorous (not infantile!) attitude alludes your extraordinary ability to fight obstacles. A Slavic girl from bebemur will love you even more if you tell her jokes that are over the language barrier!
  • Let your dates be unforgettable. We know that a girl can entertain you with her presence. If you have just started to date, she needs to be amused. It does not mean that you have to organize a fairytale every single time you meet; Russian women are quite unpretentious anyways. A candlelit dinner or an evening stroll with coffee would work perfectly. Make sure that she loves that kind of leisure – and do your thing!
  • Listen and talk. Why do you think girls like to have several female friends? Because she needs to be listened to. Slavic girls often complain that men back in their country are not able to communicate at all! From becoming a great listener, she would love you to talk, at least sometimes. She wants to be aware of your emotions and feelings. Furthermore, a Slavic girl loves not your appearance and, oh Lord, not your bank account. She loves your inner world! Let her know it.
  • Appreciate her individuality. Slavic girls are aware of their beauty and sexual attractiveness. What they plead to hear is your appreciation of their unique personal features. No need to over-compliment it, just make sure that she knows you noted how interesting and diverse her personality is. Celebrate her uniqueness and work to promote and enable her to pursue the core activities that bring her happiness and satisfaction.

Be honest. Finally, yet importantly, this common feature is often omitted or misunderstood. A east European girl wants to know what your ideas of the future are. She also needs to know your apprehension of herself. Simple yet necessary, the cleanliness of your thoughts can become an obstacle for your relationships. Make sure she is aware of everything – or else she will find everything out by herself.

5 Trustworthy Tips on How to Impress a Man on the First Date

When a man asks a girl out on a date, a bunch of questions immediately arise in her head: “How can I impress him? What should I wear? What make-up to choose? What kind of girls does he like?” First of all, take it easy and don’t worry. There are 5 secrets of feminine charm that will help you to impress a man on the very first date!

  1. Well-groomed appearance

Appearance is what all the ladies are working on especially hard on the eve of the first date, dreaming of astonishing a man and making him fall in love at first sight. The psychology of a man is as follows – to notice the beauty, so a guy will surely appreciate your beautiful outfit, a seductive smile, and a wave of long eyelashes. However, you should not rely solely on the pretty appearance, applying a ton of makeup and erecting a hairstyle of incredible construction. Guys love naturalness and neatness, so the best move is to skillfully and discreetly emphasize the dignities of your body and hide the drawbacks. Delicate, feminine dress, neat makeup and manicure, and well-groomed hair – all this, coupled with a good mood, will make an indelible impression on a man on the first date.

  • Naturalness, openness

The worst thing a girl can do on the first date is to pretend to be someone she really isn’t. Such behavior forms the image of a cunning, disingenuous, and silly person with poor acting talents. Men have a well-developed logic and intuition, and even if a guy does not show it, this does not mean that he does not notice your falsity. It is for this reason that many girls are perplexed after the first date: “Everything went well: we had a good time, he liked me. Why doesn’t he call me anymore?”

You’ve probably heard about the great popularity of Slavic girls among men from all over the world. A huge number of guys want to engage in Ukrainian women dating as they are attracted by the openness and naturalness of these ladies. After all, men love it when a girl can laugh heartily, be sincerely surprised at something, is not afraid to show her emotions, and does not hesitate to ask questions if she does not know something. Communication with such a lady is always easy and pleasurable.

  • Down with the complexes!

Self-criticism is good but in moderation. Mostly, women feel self-conscious about their appearance, finding in themselves some obvious or imaginary flaws: too large/small nose, too crooked/straight/thin/thick legs, cellulite, a needless mole on the face, small breasts, round shape of the nail instead of oval… However, a man will not even notice all these things on the first date, inversely to a woman’s self-doubt and bad mood. In fact, the man sees the girl the way she presents herself.

  • Sincere interest in the interlocutor

This is one of the main keys to a man’s heart. Girls sometimes forget that the first date is not only an opportunity to show themselves in all their glory but also to get to know a man better. And by asking him questions, you can learn valuable information (about hobbies, interests, life priorities, dreams, and plans of a gentleman), as well as get an additional “plus” to his opinion about you. For the man, this is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate male and human qualities, share reflections, and feel important. Moreover, the fact that a woman listens to and admires him is priceless for any man. In addition, you should refer to the interlocutor by name more often – scientists have already experimentally proven that own name is the most pleasant sound for a person.

  • Aura of mystery and inaccessibility

Inaccessibility is what attracts men like a magnet, appealing to their conquering nature. What is plain to see gives rise to superficial interest. And mysteriousness, on the contrary, encourages a man to invent ways to learn more about you and spark your interest. Therefore, you should not tell everything about yourself on the first date and openly show your sympathy to the guy. A tactful and restrained behavior will intrigue the man, and he will want to meet you again in order to continue communication and win your heart.

Essential Tips for This Year’s Vacation Shopping

Some travelers discover a country by exploring its sights and landmarked buildings, others travel around the picturesque nature reserves and enjoy the delights of traditional cuisine. But there is a certain caste of travelers who go crazy with shopping. If you are one of them, you should know some essential tips on how to make your vacation shopping successful and cost-effective.

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Worst Presents for Your 1 Year Anniversary with Your GF

Many couples in love relate to anniversaries with extraordinary trepidation. It looks especially touching when such an initiative comes from men for whom the question “what to give a girlfriend on the first anniversary” becomes a real problem. And they often present terrible gifts that upset women. But single women seeking single men dating site will give you some tips.

How to please a girl with a gift?

 We offer several proven ways to please your girlfriend with a gift:

  1. Ask her close friends. Girls often share “wishlists” and sometimes even exchange links to specific products in online stores.
  2. Let a mutual friend ask the girl what gift she would consider worthy. It can look something like that: “Help me with advice. I don’t know what to give my wife on our anniversary!”
  3. Look at the history of the Internet browser and what contextual advertising Google gives her.
  4. Be attentive to hints. The girl is also aware that your anniversary is approaching.

9 gifts that you shouldn’t present to girls

Read, remember, and never repeat!

  1. Bathroom scale

Presenting it as a gift is like affirmatively answering the question: “Doesn’t it seem to you that you’ve got extra weight?” The same category of unsuccessful gifts includes diet products and anti-cellulite creams. If a girl is extremely concerned about her body and constantly changes diets, this doesn’t mean that a man should directly participate in these experiments.

  • Cheap jewelry

Presenting something from cheap jewelry is also not a good idea. It is unlikely that anyone will be happy with jewelry made of cheap plastic or metal-framed products that will darken after a couple of outings.

  • Toys

And especially a giant teddy bear. Well, perhaps the girl will be impressed at first. Perhaps she will even take a couple of photos for Instagram to show off in front of friends. That’s all: the bear’s functional role has been exhausted, and it will just gather dust, taking up a lot of space in the house.

  • Wrinkle & acne creams

The list is continued by any cosmetic products designed to get rid of external imperfections, first of all, wrinkles and acne. The girl will cope with them herself or with the help of a beautician. The man shouldn’t notice such minor defects.

  • Perfume and decorative cosmetics

The most seemingly popular gifts can turn into a disaster if you don’t understand anything in perfumery and cosmetics. Are you sure that your chosen one wants to smell like creamy caramel or grandmother’s powder? Do you know for sure that she needs green shadows and orange blush? If not, then don’t rely on the advice of sales consultants. They know your girlfriend even less.

  • Alcoholic beverages

This is a bad taste (as well as a corkscrew, moonshine, etc.). You can take champagne or wine with you, going to congratulate the girl, but alcohol should be, so to speak, an “addition” to a man, not a gift.

  • Underwear, stockings, other intimate things

Here is already a clear hint that you want to see her in this underwear or imagine her body without clothes. And such hints can offend the girl and turn her away from you.

  • Dishes and household appliances

Never give a woman dishes and household appliances. This can be regarded as a hint that you love her only for cooking and cleaning. In addition, some girls may see a hint of their uncleanliness in this gift.

  • No gift at all

This is a failure. If other options at least show an attempt to please, then here is the fact that you forgot about the anniversary. It is perfect if you both don’t attach importance to it, but this rarely happens in the first years of relationships.

Mistakes A Motivational Speaker Commits

The real essence of motivational speaking is making people feel good about themselves. It is about telling them that they can improve for the better. It is reminding them that they have a chance to act on something good for the betterment of the human race, the environment, or the society. However, motivational speakers commit mistakes from time to time. Here are a few mistakes a speaker may commit while giving a speech:

Facing the audience without any preparation

motivational speaker

Some seasoned speakers become so confident that they forget the value of preparing for a speech. Unless when asked to do an impromptu speech, no motivational speaker is exempted from the golden rule of public speaking. Prepare your speech weeks before the event. It does not matter if it’s your hundredth event. Always treat every speaking opportunity as if it were your first. Keep that attitude and you will succeed in every speech.Knowing your audience and the event is part of the preparation. You have to know whom you are addressing with your speech. You need to know what kind of event you are attending.Start preparing once the event organizer gives you the details as to when, where, and what the event is – or even before that. If it is just two days before the event, it is best to decline, unless of course you could construct your speech in that limited time and could pull it off like a pro. Otherwise, do yourself a favor by declining an invitation if you only have limited time to prepare, especially if it is your first speaking endeavor.


Most speakers tend to blabber, especially those who do not prepare for their speech. Ums, ahs, or any mannerisms are evident during a speech. These mannerisms are a nuisance to listeners and could potentially ruin the entire presentation. In addition, these mannerisms are a sign of unpreparedness on the part of the speaker. To avoid blabbering, compose your speech beforehand. If you have to write it down, do it. Writing your speech makes you stick to the theme of the event. You could organize what to say and what not to say. If you need to memorize your speech, do it. Then, practice to make your way of talking natural.

Forgetting the time

A motivational speaker is always given a limited duration to speak in an event. The time limit depends on what kind of event is taking place and how many speakers are going to talk. It is usually 15 to 30 minutes or an hour. Write down your speech to help you estimate the time and limit your key points to discuss.For you to know if your speech is within the time limit, read your speech or talk as if you are in front of your audience; record the time and your speech. If it exceeds the time limit, trim down your speech. Listen to your recordings so that you know which part you are removing or revising. Do this routine until you fit everything necessary in the given time limit.Another way of doing it is to prepare your speech with at least 5 to 10 minutes allowance from the limit you were given. It is easier to add than to trim your speech to fit the limited time.

Making too many jokes

Two to three jokes, strategically incorporated in the entire speech, is okay. When your audience is laughing hysterically, all throughout your speech, you are forgetting your purpose. It may seem okay but try asking them what they have learned. The only thing they remember is that you are a funny person and you should apply as a stand up comedian. It is a compliment if the event is about the funniest experiences, but your event is about motivation. Consider this comment a wake up call when you are doing a motivational talk. It means you can pass as a comedian but not as a motivational speaker. Do not commit this same mistake. Limit your humorous anecdotes and stick to the real purpose of the speech. As a motivational speaker, you should stick to making people motivated to do something good for themselves or for other people.

Avoiding eye contact

Many speakers commit this mistake. They are so engrossed in speaking that they forget they have an audience. Eye contact establishes connection with your audience. If you want to leave an impression with the people listening to you, it’s necessary to make eye contact. It takes practice but if you make conscious effort to catch the attention of an audience every time you speak in public, you are creating a lifelong impression. Before the actual speech, practice eye contact with a mock audience like a friend or a colleague. It helps calm nervousness. During the event, before you speak, observe your audience. Take time to study them even for a few minutes before you talk. If you have the opportunity, mingle with them while you are waiting for your turn.On top of everything, arrive early. You can never inspire people, much less motivate them, if they see you running late for your speech.

Top Five Reasons Why Golf Iron Sets Rule Beginner Golfers’ World

Many beginners tend to purchase golf sets because of the club varieties available in one package. They also get golf iron sets in the package that makes their new gears more helpful as they embark in this sport. Several reasons make these iron sets rule the world of novice golfers nowadays like the following:

Varying Iron Types that Players Need

Available golf iron sets in golf shops vary. Some sets come with the same club types and features while others have different options that allow players to select the right club according to game requirements. Since these pieces are included, beginners don’t need to purchase additional golf clubs just to use the right one for each game situation. They can simply choose the best iron in their current set and use them for playing.

Golf Iron

In general, irons come with flatter heads, but with deviations in terms of weight distribution and required swing force. Players will find the right club and ensure they’ll hit the golf ball towards their target mark.

Good for Training New Players

Golfers have different preferences in terms of the clubs they’re using. Regardless of the course, they find themselves using the club they are comfortable with to boost their confidence while playing. Obtaining golf iron sets help players train themselves in varying iron types, ultimately resulting to knowing the best clubs that work for them.

As they try all their clubs, new players will be familiarized with varying irons in terms of weight, grip and control. The next time they buy their new set o irons, they can easily know the best options by merely giving them a sample swing or through gripping. New players can then establish the clubs that they prefer to use on their games and make them confident while playing.

Top Caliber Constructions that Last

Beginner golfers want to invest on long lasting irons. Most of them think forward in terms of how long before they’ll get familiar with the sport. Therefore, they want to have durable clubs that will stay with them until they become experienced players and ready to set up a new club set.
Although for beginners, manufacturers make sure to use high quality steel for these irons and design them with utmost expertise to guarantee solid construction. These companies invested in a wide array of equipment to ensure continuous superior golf club manufacturing.

Fresh Designs that Suit Every Player


Aesthetics are often the least priority feature in selecting golf iron sets. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that players don’t care about their the best golf clubs appearances and designs. They know that even newbies have their preferences in terms of how they want their clubs to look like. Therefore, they manufacture their clubs with styles that appeal to today’s players.
To ensure design variations, golf club manufacturers combine various steel shades that accent the club’s aesthetic appeal. They also allow players to choose their designs by adding interchangeable features like golf grips. Players can customize the design themselves to set their brands as players.

Affordable Prices Ideal for Beginners

Many beginners are intimidated with iron sets because of their perceived prices. However, they come in cheaper rates that beginners will find easy on their pocket. Despite their budget-friendly rates, buyers can be confident in their clubs’ quality given that they ordered them from a reliable brand and distributor.

Without a doubt, golf iron sets rule the world of new golfers because of their features. They won’t only find the clubs suitable for them, but also help in training their swings until they become experts in the sport. If you’re among these beginners, shop for your iron set with confidence through a reliable dealer.