5 Trustworthy Tips on How to Impress a Man on the First Date

When a man asks a girl out on a date, a bunch of questions immediately arise in her head: “How can I impress him? What should I wear? What make-up to choose? What kind of girls does he like?” First of all, take it easy and don’t worry. There are 5 secrets of feminine charm that will help you to impress a man on the very first date!

  1. Well-groomed appearance

Appearance is what all the ladies are working on especially hard on the eve of the first date, dreaming of astonishing a man and making him fall in love at first sight. The psychology of a man is as follows – to notice the beauty, so a guy will surely appreciate your beautiful outfit, a seductive smile, and a wave of long eyelashes. However, you should not rely solely on the pretty appearance, applying a ton of makeup and erecting a hairstyle of incredible construction. Guys love naturalness and neatness, so the best move is to skillfully and discreetly emphasize the dignities of your body and hide the drawbacks. Delicate, feminine dress, neat makeup and manicure, and well-groomed hair – all this, coupled with a good mood, will make an indelible impression on a man on the first date.

  • Naturalness, openness

The worst thing a girl can do on the first date is to pretend to be someone she really isn’t. Such behavior forms the image of a cunning, disingenuous, and silly person with poor acting talents. Men have a well-developed logic and intuition, and even if a guy does not show it, this does not mean that he does not notice your falsity. It is for this reason that many girls are perplexed after the first date: “Everything went well: we had a good time, he liked me. Why doesn’t he call me anymore?”

You’ve probably heard about the great popularity of Slavic girls among men from all over the world. A huge number of guys want to engage in Ukrainian women dating as they are attracted by the openness and naturalness of these ladies. After all, men love it when a girl can laugh heartily, be sincerely surprised at something, is not afraid to show her emotions, and does not hesitate to ask questions if she does not know something. Communication with such a lady is always easy and pleasurable.

  • Down with the complexes!

Self-criticism is good but in moderation. Mostly, women feel self-conscious about their appearance, finding in themselves some obvious or imaginary flaws: too large/small nose, too crooked/straight/thin/thick legs, cellulite, a needless mole on the face, small breasts, round shape of the nail instead of oval… However, a man will not even notice all these things on the first date, inversely to a woman’s self-doubt and bad mood. In fact, the man sees the girl the way she presents herself.

  • Sincere interest in the interlocutor

This is one of the main keys to a man’s heart. Girls sometimes forget that the first date is not only an opportunity to show themselves in all their glory but also to get to know a man better. And by asking him questions, you can learn valuable information (about hobbies, interests, life priorities, dreams, and plans of a gentleman), as well as get an additional “plus” to his opinion about you. For the man, this is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate male and human qualities, share reflections, and feel important. Moreover, the fact that a woman listens to and admires him is priceless for any man. In addition, you should refer to the interlocutor by name more often – scientists have already experimentally proven that own name is the most pleasant sound for a person.

  • Aura of mystery and inaccessibility

Inaccessibility is what attracts men like a magnet, appealing to their conquering nature. What is plain to see gives rise to superficial interest. And mysteriousness, on the contrary, encourages a man to invent ways to learn more about you and spark your interest. Therefore, you should not tell everything about yourself on the first date and openly show your sympathy to the guy. A tactful and restrained behavior will intrigue the man, and he will want to meet you again in order to continue communication and win your heart.