9 steps to make a Slavic girl love you

Girls are complex. Girls are sophisticated. They have other needs and, as well, another apprehension of life than men have. However, one thing is common to both genders – we all want love. We all (well, almost) want to have a family and raise children. Likewise, modern men are commonly fond of Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish) girls and want to marry one of them to, later on, start a beautiful family. But what forgets a marriage? Yes, dating. It is a perfect period to assess each other’s suitability for further relationships. In this article, we will reveal golden rules that would help you make her like you. Note: these bits of advice have nothing to do with seduction – they are basically showing your best sides, nothing more.

  1. Take care of your appearance. Everyone knows that it takes more time for a woman to take care of herself. Nevertheless, it does not mean you can neglect your looks and anticipate that a girl will love you the way you are. Under the surface, your exterior signals about various characteristics of your personality: your self-esteem, self-respect, financial state, emotional state etc. As a result, a healthy and fit appearance can make you attractive.
  • Talk yourself up. It does not mean that you should become extra talkative and speak all the time only about yourself. Never be that! We meant that you should disclose your positive sides. You can tell her about your interests, hobbies, and life experience. Try to do it unobtrusively by matching it with the context of the current dialogue. Men speak less than women do. Yet, you need to let her know you better.
  • Take it easy. Your Slavic girl is a sensitive creature. She will see how strained you are, no matter how diligently you hide it. Relax. Women are not monsters; they will reasonably forgive your mistakes while dating. However, if she feels that you are nervous all the time – she might take it as a lack of confidence. A Slavic girl knows exactly what to expect from a strained person – no good at all.
  • Show that you are attracted. Slavic girls believe that a man is a hunter and a girl is a prey. Now that you understand it, you need to somehow demonstrate your affection to start hoping for a reciprocal reaction. Touch her shoulder, bring her flowers, and make a strong eye contact. These simple actions can help you explain to her your actual feelings. Later on, she will be ready to become your girlfriend.
  • Have a sense of humor. We are quite assured that you are humorous and can crack a nice joke. When a girl talks about humorous men, she means the ones that can make her smile, but not misanthropic and sarcastic men. Girls love to laugh, for sure. As well, you’re humorous (not infantile!) attitude alludes your extraordinary ability to fight obstacles. A Slavic girl from bebemur will love you even more if you tell her jokes that are over the language barrier!
  • Let your dates be unforgettable. We know that a girl can entertain you with her presence. If you have just started to date, she needs to be amused. It does not mean that you have to organize a fairytale every single time you meet; Russian women are quite unpretentious anyways. A candlelit dinner or an evening stroll with coffee would work perfectly. Make sure that she loves that kind of leisure – and do your thing!
  • Listen and talk. Why do you think girls like to have several female friends? Because she needs to be listened to. Slavic girls often complain that men back in their country are not able to communicate at all! From becoming a great listener, she would love you to talk, at least sometimes. She wants to be aware of your emotions and feelings. Furthermore, a Slavic girl loves not your appearance and, oh Lord, not your bank account. She loves your inner world! Let her know it.
  • Appreciate her individuality. Slavic girls are aware of their beauty and sexual attractiveness. What they plead to hear is your appreciation of their unique personal features. No need to over-compliment it, just make sure that she knows you noted how interesting and diverse her personality is. Celebrate her uniqueness and work to promote and enable her to pursue the core activities that bring her happiness and satisfaction.

Be honest. Finally, yet importantly, this common feature is often omitted or misunderstood. A east European girl wants to know what your ideas of the future are. She also needs to know your apprehension of herself. Simple yet necessary, the cleanliness of your thoughts can become an obstacle for your relationships. Make sure she is aware of everything – or else she will find everything out by herself.