About Us

Thank you for reading Sekadar Blog. I’m a former radio host currently traveling and connecting with various cultures and people around the world. This blog started out as a online picture blog for my friends and family when I decided to quit my job and flew off to see the world. During that time, I thought I would only travel for a year. I wanted a dedicated website where I can post pictures and share amazing travel stories so that my loved ones are updated to my latest adventures.

Four years later, my plan of returning to my former occupation never happened. As I continued my travels through the years, sekadar blog also grew. At the same time, a realization started to take place: Connecting with people, their culture, and discovering the value of travel is the most important souvenir possible.

Sekadar blog began as a vague outline of my adventures abroad. I wanted people who are close to me–who didn’t have the chance to travel–to follow along. As I hopped from country to country, I figured out how amazing it is to actually connect to other people and better understand their culture.

I am extremely delighted this blog has evolved from a mere online photo album of sorts to a platform that shares the true value of traveling with my follower: a place that link travelers from all walks of life who want to share the connections they’ve made with nature, people, and cultures around the world.

This blog aims to be an inspiration for people to get up and travel more. Sekadar blog focuses on the not only the various sceneries one can find in a particular country, but also the connections made with people through cultural understanding.

More than anything, Sekadar blog is all about a constant zeal to learning everything about the different people around the world and connecting with them.

My first travel experience was way back in the late 60s when my father took me to cello factories in Europe. My father, who was a cello importer at the time, wanted me to learn how the amazing string instrument was made. When I was 23 years old, I began traveling on my own. I funded my trips by working part time at the local radio station; the same radio station that I would work full-time later on in my life.

During the mid 70s, I began working full-time in the radio station where I was initially working part-time. I hosted a radio show called “The Travel guide,” which talked about the great places I’ve been to, both local and abroad.

Despite being able to travel to different places while working in the radio station, I felt that keeping my job at the radio station was still, in a way, holding me back to travel to even more exotic places in the world.   And so, I have decided to call it quits at the station and start traveling even more.

I am very outspoken about every human being’s need to fit better in the world we live in by widening our points of view through travel.

As I travelled, I realized that most conflicts in the world are caused by cultural misunderstandings. And so it became my passion–my mission–to travel more and connect with other cultures and tell other people about it, so as to try to bridge the gap that often brings about these conflicts.

Learning about a country’s history and its people became more fascinating when seen firsthand. By 2011, I was doing speeches to large audiences about the true value of traveling.

I’ve been honored that my experiences has reverberated with a constantly thriving community of followers and have incessantly shared the bad and the good, the ups and downs, and the lessons that I have learned along my travels.

Many people have asked if my journeys have been worth it, or was there ever a time that I regretted traveling to a particular part of the world. I am proud to say that there was never a time when I regretted traveling to a particular country and meeting the people.

I may have had the wrong mentality when I entered a particular country. However, when I was able to make that important connection with the people and understand their culture, everything is then put in its rightful place, so to speak.

The world opened up my eyes and dismantled my ethnocentricity. Long-term travel has given me clarity. It taught me to be humble, patient, and understanding. It taught me not only to appreciate the world and the various cultures and people within it, but also to respect them.

And lastly, the lessons I’ve learned from traveling allowed to have the courage to go after life’s next big challenge: raising a family. Now, I no longer have the desire to live out of my traveling bag indefinitely.

I now have a home with a loving wife and a lovely daughter waiting for me. However, my trips would never end. This time I’ll be taking them with my family–showing my wife and my daughter what It really means to travel and connect with people all over the world.

We hope you could join us in this wonderful adventure and discover how these human connections make a difference in our lives. We’re thrilled that you have found us and we hope that we can someday connect with you wherever you are in the world.