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Worst Presents for Your 1 Year Anniversary with Your GF

Many couples in love relate to anniversaries with extraordinary trepidation. It looks especially touching when such an initiative comes from men for whom the question “what to give a girlfriend on the first anniversary” becomes a real problem. And they often present terrible gifts that upset women. But single women seeking single men dating site will give you some tips.

How to please a girl with a gift?

 We offer several proven ways to please your girlfriend with a gift:

  1. Ask her close friends. Girls often share “wishlists” and sometimes even exchange links to specific products in online stores.
  2. Let a mutual friend ask the girl what gift she would consider worthy. It can look something like that: “Help me with advice. I don’t know what to give my wife on our anniversary!”
  3. Look at the history of the Internet browser and what contextual advertising Google gives her.
  4. Be attentive to hints. The girl is also aware that your anniversary is approaching.

9 gifts that you shouldn’t present to girls

Read, remember, and never repeat!

  1. Bathroom scale

Presenting it as a gift is like affirmatively answering the question: “Doesn’t it seem to you that you’ve got extra weight?” The same category of unsuccessful gifts includes diet products and anti-cellulite creams. If a girl is extremely concerned about her body and constantly changes diets, this doesn’t mean that a man should directly participate in these experiments.

  • Cheap jewelry

Presenting something from cheap jewelry is also not a good idea. It is unlikely that anyone will be happy with jewelry made of cheap plastic or metal-framed products that will darken after a couple of outings.

  • Toys

And especially a giant teddy bear. Well, perhaps the girl will be impressed at first. Perhaps she will even take a couple of photos for Instagram to show off in front of friends. That’s all: the bear’s functional role has been exhausted, and it will just gather dust, taking up a lot of space in the house.

  • Wrinkle & acne creams

The list is continued by any cosmetic products designed to get rid of external imperfections, first of all, wrinkles and acne. The girl will cope with them herself or with the help of a beautician. The man shouldn’t notice such minor defects.

  • Perfume and decorative cosmetics

The most seemingly popular gifts can turn into a disaster if you don’t understand anything in perfumery and cosmetics. Are you sure that your chosen one wants to smell like creamy caramel or grandmother’s powder? Do you know for sure that she needs green shadows and orange blush? If not, then don’t rely on the advice of sales consultants. They know your girlfriend even less.

  • Alcoholic beverages

This is a bad taste (as well as a corkscrew, moonshine, etc.). You can take champagne or wine with you, going to congratulate the girl, but alcohol should be, so to speak, an “addition” to a man, not a gift.

  • Underwear, stockings, other intimate things

Here is already a clear hint that you want to see her in this underwear or imagine her body without clothes. And such hints can offend the girl and turn her away from you.

  • Dishes and household appliances

Never give a woman dishes and household appliances. This can be regarded as a hint that you love her only for cooking and cleaning. In addition, some girls may see a hint of their uncleanliness in this gift.

  • No gift at all

This is a failure. If other options at least show an attempt to please, then here is the fact that you forgot about the anniversary. It is perfect if you both don’t attach importance to it, but this rarely happens in the first years of relationships.