Essential Tips for This Year’s Vacation Shopping

Some travelers discover a country by exploring its sights and landmarked buildings, others travel around the picturesque nature reserves and enjoy the delights of traditional cuisine. But there is a certain caste of travelers who go crazy with shopping. If you are one of them, you should know some essential tips on how to make your vacation shopping successful and cost-effective.

Most popular cities for shopping

Many tourists mix business with pleasure – go on a trip to a new country and buy everything they need. Numerous outlets, luxury boutiques, showrooms, small cozy shops, and colorful markets – in every city, there is a place for shopping. But where is it best to do shopping? Let’s consider the top 10 cities for shopping:

  • New York;
  • Rome;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Dubai;
  • Madrid;
  • Milan;
  • Paris;
  • Tokyo;
  • London;
  • Barcelona.

8 Essential tips for vacation shopping

  1. Choose the right time

Never go shopping if you are tired or feel unwell. You will be irritable, and therefore, you will not like a single thing or, on the contrary, you will buy a lot of unnecessary stuff. In addition, you should not do shopping in the evening, because at this time, there are too many people in shopping centers. It is better to choose the morning or lunch time for making purchases.

  • Do not buy clothes without trying on

Even if you are at the final sales, when you need to buy everything and do it quickly, do not neglect trying on clothes. As practice shows, you are unlikely to buy a really worthwhile wardrobe item in the bustle.

  • Forget about the unnecessary cheap stuff

Some products presented on special offers that seem so attractive and profitable may be in fact completely useless. Therefore, if you see a very cheap thing that just looks “okay”, get out of your head thoughts like: “it’s a sin not to buy it!” In a best-case scenario, you will wear such a thing at home, and it is much more profitable to invest the money spent on it in a super fashionable must-have thing.

  • Do not shop with a man all day

Even if your husband or boyfriend offers to pay part of the purchases, you should not drag off the poor man to shopping. He will only hurry you on, and you will not be able to buy everything you want. Men can spend a lot of time in a shopping mall only when they are looking for single girls.

  • Do not buy colored items of poor quality

You should pay particular attention to the choice of colored things. Poor-quality clothes of bright colors will lose their marketable condition after the first wash. For this reason, buy colored items only from trusted brands.

  • Review your wardrobe before vacation

You should review your wardrobe before the vacation and determine what items of clothing you already have and what you need to buy. Also, you can divide things into two main categories: 1) brands that can be found in your home city; 2) brands that cannot be found in your home city. You will know what things you can buy at home and thus, not to spend money on them during your vacation trip.

  • Do not ask for the opinion of a selling assistant

Do you doubt whether a fashion item suits you well? Feel free to refuse this piece of clothing and in no case ask for the opinion of a selling assistant. In most cases, the assistant will simply huckster you a purchase, and you will regret for it later.

  • Examine the location of stores in advance

Mark all the stores you like on the map so that you have an opportunity to take breaks for unobtrusive shopping while walking around a new city.